Chris Novam, photographer of the abstract!

The rust: a material, a mineral, an abstract picture. Catched, fixed, immortalized by the eye of the photographer, it is a fleeting visible track. Then the mutant rust pursues its course, continuing to eat away, oxidizing and transforming the reality. In search of its transformation, Accompany me through my photos, in a colored abstraction, where the bites of the metal leave freedom to the imagination


The rust: a material, a mineral, to my opinion it is an abstract picture.

My photographic work is very specific. The rust is a real subject of investigation. In my sight, I get it, fix it, and immortalize it. I perceive human signs and also signs of life there. I also see the time which destroys and mark of its imprint objects and things.

But especially, I admire real paintings which tell with strength and color, a transfer, a passing passage of the material towards the track. And I know beforehand, that this visible track today, is  only for the moment of a photography. Tomorrow, another image will replace this one as the rust, mutant, continues to eat away, oxidizing and transforming again and again the reality.

The water, the ice, the fire are elements which also evokes something to me. Strength and power, natural and raw materials, I remain suspended from their language. I rush into their entrails, decipher, and translates their faults. I adapt myself and transcribed this world with humility.

With my photos, I try to create other worlds, where each have the freedom to interpret according to its imagination. My quest is the one of the abstraction, convergence with the other arts and the fruit of a fertile creation. Let destroy you!


The sale of fotographic works

Summits the acquisition of a photography and savor the pleasure to admire it for ever. These photos are edited in very limited serial (10 copies). They are also signed. Certain works are proposed in exclusivity: a unique edition for you only! You like these photos, you want to purchase it, we study together the size, printings details…. Various supports are available, so I propose you a personalize estimate.

The rent of fotographic works

The rent allows you to renew regularly your home, your office. A photography or some, can embellish your office, waiting room, show room

For professionals

Go for the contemporary art! These abstract photos bring modernity and design to your environment. Decorate tastefully, the walls of your shops, restaurants, rooms and the corridors of hotels, conference rooms, …

The communication through the photographic works

A photography for a book coverage, a personalized greeting card, an illustration for a magazine, an advertisement, a fashion parade… Publishing products, communication products, special event… photos chosen for your communication are exclusives. For some days or for long period, we shall find one or several works corresponding to your expectation, to your premises and to your budget. Do not wait any more! Choose your photography.

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